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Only 1 of each model available at these special prices.
All brand new, warranted and unused.
Most with some custom options included at no extra cost!

“Always happy to talk about guitars!

Please phone and ask for me (Nick – Nicholas Mahoney) on 01363 881174 (international +44 1363881174).

The guitar in the picture is a Hanika 1A model destined for South Korea. The customer was impatient to see it so we sent him a picture just before it was packed and dispatched.

Premium quality spruce soundboard, Ziricote back and sides, string action set up to its new owner’s specification and a short personal dedication written on the inside label by the luthier at Hanika Guitars.

“Thank you very much for your excellent advice and thoroughly professional service.”

Robert Weight

“Very kind and thoughtful of you … in line with your care and attention to detail”

John Dillon

Hanika 1a custom 1389-15 Nicholas Mahoney

The Standard Range

The Hanika range of classical (nylon string) guitars is divided into 4 “Lines”. The entire range features guitars of all solid wood construction and the workmanship is for all intents and purposes immaculate.

The Studio Line

Select, quality woods; mostly matt and natural finishes; a choice of soundboards and tonewoods. Classical body and Cutaway options.


The Recital Line

Higher quality woods are used throughout; cedar and spruce soundboards; Indian and Madagascan rosewoods as well as Maple tonewoods on various models. Cutaway and classical body shapes.

The Concert Line

Outstanding, bery high quality woods throughout the line. Three models with natural finish with conventional or a lattice soundboard. Three with high gloss finish, again with conventional and lattice options.

Professional Line

Premium quality woods. Torres, lattice, doubletop and composite soundboards. Outstanding value for money natural finish models as well as uncompromising, top of the range variants.


“Having heard and played most of what the top end of the market has to offer I can’t imagine it can be bettered … Really the team at Hanika are craftsmen of the highest order and I can’t congratulate them enough on the inspiration to make such an incredible instrument.”

AM Hanika Lattice Meister Custom

Hanika offers a range of customisation options so that every player, whatever their style or taste, will be able to specify their own, perfect instrument.

You can start with the basics –

  • Right or left handed
  • Spruce or Cedar soundboard (most models)
  • Scale length
  • Neck width
  • Neck depth and profile
  • Flat or radius fingerboard
  • Optional pickups
  • String Action

All the above are inexpensive options and hardly available at all from any other guitar maker, anywhere.

Hanika Fusion with 50mm nut, 640mm scale and D-1 neck profile

If you want to go further, the possible permutations are un-countable!

On any model from the standard range, you can

  • choose alternative tonewoods for the back and sides
  • choose the finish – matt through natural to gloss to French polish
  • choose the machine heads
  • opt for an elevated fingerboard
  • have a cutaway on a classical body
  • have a soundport
  • ask for your favourite pick up system, even if it is not in the standard catalogue
  • extend the fingerboard
  • have a double back
  • have your instrument personalised with inlays
  • etc. etc. Just ask!

Our customer came back for his second Hanika. On his Natural Torres (60PF NAT) he opted for

  • Classic cutaway in matching rosewood
  • Shallow neck profile “C -1mm”
  • Two saddles giving alternative string actions
  • Closed pore satin finish
  • AER AK15+ pickup/mic/preamp with controls in the soundhole
  • Strap post on side of heel
  • Fret dot only on 7
  • 21 frets on extended fingerboard

Armin Hanika Master Luthier

The Hanika family has been making musical instruments since the 1930s and guitars in the same workshop in south Germany since the early 1950s.

Today the workshop houses an almost unique combination of master-luthier hand-crafting skills and techniques with up-to-the minute, computer-controlled wood working and materials handling equipment.

The approach is clear: use the human ear, hand and eye in the stages of production where they determine the acoustic properties of the guitar and the CNC machining equipment where it produces the accuracy and cost-savings. The input of the luthier is most noticeable in the selection of woods, their preparation and assembly for the body and for the soundboard in particular.

Hanika Guitars is led by master luthier Armin Hanika (2nd generation) who is renowned and highly respected in guitar making and musical instrument educational circles in Germany.

Guitar building practices and techniques in the workshop are always subject to review and improvement, the aim being to bring together natural woods with all their waywardness, strengths and weaknesses with the needs of the contemporary guitarist.