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Hanika Guitars

The Hanika family has been making musical instruments since the 1930s and guitars in the same workshop in south Germany since the early 1950s.

Today the workshop houses an almost unique combination of master-luthier hand-crafting skills and techniques with up-to-the minute, computer-controlled wood working and materials handling equipment.

The approach is clear: use the human ear, hand and eye in the stages of production where they determine the acoustic properties of the guitar and the CNC machining equipment where it produces the accuracy and cost-savings. The input of the luthier is most noticeable in the selection of woods, their preparation and assembly for the body and for the soundboard in particular.

Hanika Guitars is led by master luthier Armin Hanika (2nd generation) who is renowned and highly respected in guitar making and musical instrument educational circles in Germany.

Guitar building practices and techniques in the workshop are always subject to review and improvement, the aim being to bring together natural woods with all their waywardness, strengths and weaknesses with the needs of the contemporary guitarist.

The result is guitars of the very highest luthier quality. The investments Hanika has made in mechanisation where it enhances (rather than detracts from) the musicality and playability of the guitars has resulted in instruments which are extremely reasonably priced at all quality brackets.

Classical Guitars Plus has long been the UK’s leading specialist in Hanika guitars, and one of the most active Hanika dealers world-wide in the specification and sale of custom and customised instruments.

Hanika of Germany and Classical Guitars Plus have come together to launch Hanika Guitars UK with the aim of further improving the service available to customers who have decided to have one of the best-built classical guitars available today!

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