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Some advice on using a rest

I have very much been enjoying the guitar [Hanika 50PF]. I was hoping you might be able to give some advice on using a rest.
I have an Ergoplay. Unsurprisingly given the [matt/natural] finish of the guitar, the suction cups will not attach to the guitar body. There are some bits of film (which came with the rest, see link below) which can be attached to the guitar to help with this, would it be a good idea to give these a go? J

J 10/2/21

Glad to hear you are enjoying the guitar.

My understanding of the pieces of film (sometimes referred to as “suction cup protectors”) are that they are there to prevent the suction cups creating “rings” on the finish of the guitar. but that they do this for gloss finish guitars. in fact, on gloss finish guitars, I always thought that they reduced adhesion somewhat.

Because of the various difficulties of suction cups, an alternative is to use a support which attaches to the body of the guitar by light pressure, soft-ended clamps. I happen to have just one of these on my desk which is waiting for me to evaluate. All I can say so far is that they are precision engineered and considerably more pricey than the Ergoplay models.

Not sure how far this gets you…

Yours sincerely,
Nicholas Mahoney

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Udo Rosner Hash – Instructions


The Udo Rosner Hash consists of

  • An undersaddle pickup
  • An internally mounted microphone
  • Controls mounted inside the soundhole
  • Battery
  • Socket which can double as a strap post.

Connecting – don’t forget to turn the volume control on your amp to 0 before plugging the lead into the guitar and amp (otherwise you get a loud “pop” from the speaker).

Controls – The controls are located inside the soundhole on the bass side. The rotary control nearest the bridge is the master volume output for both pickup and microphone. The rotary control nearest the fingerboard is the blend control for the mic.

Battery – the 9V battery is usually mounted internally underneath the fingerboard. It is mounted in a metal clip – you just need to pull the battery to remove it from the clip. It is s good idea to have some sticky tape over the battery and clip to reduce the chance of the battery coming out of the clip by itself. The battery is connected to the controls by way of a set of connectors and a lead.

There is a battery life indicator (red) light on the controls which lights continuously when the battery is low and needs changing.