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Classical Guitar Supports on Matt/Natural Finish Guitars

I use a guitar support and not a footstool. The suction pads on the guitar support do not ‘stick’ to the side of the guitar because the finish is not glossy. I am thinking of putting a self adhesive transparent vinyl sheet on the bottom side of the guitar to enable the suction pads to stick to it.
Wondering if you have come across this particular type of problem and possible alternative solutions that may be available out there.

Yes, other people using suction cups have had the same problem.

Your self adhesive sheet plan may well provide a solution but will of course depend on how aggressive is the self-adhesion. However, it could well leave a mark on the finish of the guitar, or several marks if you repeatedly take it on and off.

The ideal solution is probably to use a stand which grips the guitar rather than sticks to it.

A well established solution is to use a support cushion. I have customers who use the supports which attach to the guitar using very strong magnets.

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