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Custom Shop

You can buy a Hanika guitar in 3 ways: standard models, models with options, Custom Shop models.

Standard Models

Each guitar in the Hanika catalogue comes with a pre-defined set of features. These are listed on the guitar’s page on the web site.

Models with Options

The options available for each guitar are all listed on the guitar page on the web site in the drop down boxes before you get to “Add to Basket”. These typically include

  • Neck profile
  • Number of saddles (to give alternative higher and lower string action)
  • Scale
  • Fingerboard profile
  • Right/left handed
  • Pickup
  • Neck width at the nut

Each of these options is priced individually and they can all be combined with each other.

A guitar order with options is a special order and it is made individually.

Custom Shop

In addition to the special order options listed on each guitar page, there are a host of further customisations that are possible.

For example –

  • You can opt for a finish which is different to that on the standard model – Natural varnish and wax, Open-pored matt, HE matt, High gloss acrylic, Shellac / French polish. You can even have different finishes on different parts of the instrument
  • Cutaways on non-cutaway models
  • Bespoke inlays on the headstock or fingerboard – personalise with name or initials or just apply a decoration to a pattern of our choice
  • Alternate tone woods to those normally used to the back and sides on a particular model: from African Blackwood…through a whole range…to Ziricote
  • Sound ports (on models which do not feature these)
  • Arm rests (on models which do not feature these)
  • Different rosettes
  • Elevated fingerboards (on models which do not feature these)
  • Extended fingerboards
  • Fret dots where they don’t normally appear (small white inlays alongside frets 5 and 7 are standard on all models)
  • etc, etc, etc, etc, etc

Please phone with any suggestions you have for customisation.

To take up any or all of the above Custom Shop options you need to “enter” the Hanika Custom Shop. This involves a flat fee on top of which the additional price for the chosen option is added. You only pay the Custom Shop flat fee once whether you are having 1 or 10 or 50 custom shop options.

Just phone or use the Contact Form to ask for a quote for a Custom Shop guitar – there are too many permutations to offer these in any straightforward way on the web site!

If you are having a custom model built, then you can even ask to see photos of the wood sets available for the back and sides and choose the grain or figuration that appeals most.

Please phone 01363 881174 or use the contact form to discuss any of the above – or any other option that you have always wanted on your ideal guitar.