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Neck Profiles


The neck profile refers to the shape of the neck – viewed as a cross-section as if it had been cut downwards through the fingerboard at the net or a fret.

The Hanika range comprises 6 profiles, grouped into 2 shapes and 3 sizes –

  • C cross section, and
  • D cross section
  • “normal”
  • normal less 1mm
  • normal less 2mm

The descriptors “C” neck has slightly more rounded shoulders than does the “D”. Also, the “D” neck is deeper at the 9th fret than the C. A similar terminology is used for steel string and electric guitar necks but in general the Steel string “C” is more rounded – more like an arc of a circle, than is the Hanika “C”, in fact a steel string guitar maker might call both the Hanika “C” and the Hanika “D” variants of a “U” neck profile.

Who should choose which profile? Largely this is a matter of player preference but many traditionally trained classical guitarists playing with their thumb at the back of the neck or on the treble edge are quite comfortable on a D neck of standard depth. Players used to steel string guitars almost invariably prefer a C neck, and often the C-1 or C-2 variants. There has been a move in taste and fashion toward shallower necks and C profiles over the last few decades.

All Hanika guitars in the Studio and Recital lines as well as the Flamenco ZF in the Professional Line have D-1 necks as standard. All other guitars in the Concert and Professional lines have C-1 as standard.

All Hanika guitars can be ordered with any one of the 6 neck options.

The details are as follows –

Normal depth at first fret22.5mm22.5mm
-1 depth at first fret21.5mm21.5mm
-2 depth at first fret20.5mm20.5mm
Normal (“C” or “D”) depth at 9th fret23.9mm25.4mm
-1 depth at 9th fret22.9mm24.4mm
-2 depth at 9th fret21.9mm23.4mm
Source Hanika DE. All measurements approx ( +/- 0.5mm) as vary with hand-working


In the diagram above, in each case, the inside cross section of the neck is at the first fret and the outside at the 9th (just before the neck starts to change shape for the heel).

So in the first, “C”, the neck is 22.5mm deep at the first fret and 23.9mm deep at the 9th. At the first fret it is 52mm wide and at the 9th it is 62mm.