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Hanika will fit pickups to all the guitars in the range, either as part of a custom order or else after sale.

There are four pickups that are recommended

  • Udo Rosner Dot – Extremely natural sounding under saddle transducer with in-soundhole volume control. Udo Rosner was the designer and driving force behind AER before going independent
  • Udo Rosner Hash – as the “Dot” but adding an internal microphone and a microphone blend control to the in-soundhole control
  • Shadow NFX-MSC-V -high quality under saddle Nanoflex transducer with in-soundhole volume control.
  • ShadowSH-4020-C -Six independent Nanoflex pickups, one for each string, with side mounted controls giving extensive control over the level/gain of each string as well as Pan, EQ and Phase controls. It also has a built in tuner . Armin Hanika was a consultant to Shadow when they developed this system and the prototypes were tuned and regulated on a Hanika guitar.

If you have another pickup system that you would like fitted, please ask – it is usually possible.


The picture shows the controls for an Udo Rosner Hash pickup mounted inside the soundhole. Mounting in this way means that you don’t have to cut chunks of tonewood out of the side of the guitar to accommodate the electronics.

(The BasisCut PC in the picture has a rosewood rather than an ebony fingerboard).